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Forklift truck accident claims are on the rise.

Health and Safety Executive (HSE) statistics show that forklift truck accidents are the highest cause of Workplace Transport Injuries (WPT) in the UK. In fact they account for 24% of the overall number of these types of accident at work – more than HGV’s and cars combined.

When we talk about forklift trucks it can be assumed that we include standing trucks and reach trucks, which are slight variations of the traditional machinery.

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Who is typically injured in these accidents?

Often it is not the driver of the forklift truck that gets injured. In fact 60% of injuries are inflicted on those who are working around the forklift truck. Sometimes these injuries can be extremely serious which is unsurprising- the vehicles are heavy and often with extremely restricted sight from the driver.

Typically we have found the reasons for forklift truck accidents can be traced back to either poor supervision or a lack of training. It is your employers’ responsibility to ensure that both of these are available to you if you are working on or around fork lift trucks. If they do not and an accident happens then they will almost certainly be liable for damages.

How do these accidents happen?

Preventing forklift truck accidents

Unfortunately we do see a large number of people who have been injured in accidents of this nature due to the actions of someone who is not properly trained or supervised to operate a forklift truck.

It is the employers duty to need to ensure the safety of all employees whilst on site which includes training to the correct standard, provision of hard hats, high visibility jackets, safety boots and maintenance on the forklift truck to be carried out to ensure the safe working of the vehicle.

Employers should ensure adequate separation of pedestrianized areas and forklift operational areas with barriers to partition the two. Entrances and exits of pedestrianized areas should be gated to ensure people do not walk out in front of forklifts. Forklift trucks should always give way to pedestrians!

If you or someone you know have been involved in an accident that involved a forklift, standing or reach truck, you/they may be able to make a compensation claim.

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