Leg Injury Claims

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Leg Injury Claims

Having an injured leg can be debilitating, proving to be more of an inconvenience than one might first think. You may be hampered in your ability to work and in the worst case you will not be able to carry out your employment whatsoever.

If you have suffered from a leg injury that happened because of someone else’s negligence then it is fair that you should look to gain compensation from that party’s insurer.

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Typical leg injury claims

Whether a breakage, or a laceration of the leg(s), we have successfully won cases in the following areas:

  • Work accidents – we spend most of our waking day in the workplace and there are all kinds of hazards that can lead to accident and injury. Often people are expected to lift objects without the correct training, which can cause life long back problems. Your employer has a duty to provide a safe working environment for its employees, minimizing risks wherever possible. If they do not, they are opening themselves up to litigation.
  • Construction sites – these are particularly hazardous. With lots of machinery and equipment moving around the site at any one time, the propensity for getting hurt is quite high.
  • Road traffic accidents – car, motorcycle and cycling accidents can have huge impacts, causing grievous damage to the body.
  • Sports accidents – an impact sport such as Rugby can leave a player with terrible injuries.
  • Falling from height – whether at work or from a publicly accessed area that did not have the correct barriers / fencing, the impact of falling from height can severely damage the legs.

The true implications of a leg injury

Firstly, it is important to get the right rehabilitation for your injury – not getting the right treatment fast can have long lasting or even permanent damage. Wherever possible, we will get you the right rehabilitation, fast!

If you are badly injured then you may have to take time off work, which can lead to loss of wages. This needs to be addressed when making a claim.

Out of pocket expenses such as traveling to the doctors along with any medicinal expenses need to be considered.

Regardless of anything else your quality of life has been affected so this in itself is reason enough to make a claim.

For a full list of reasons why you are justified in claiming, please see our why claim section.

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