Crane Accident Claims

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Crane Accident Claims

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There are not many crane accidents that happen here in the UK, which is a good thing but on average, it is thought that there is approximately 1 fatality per year. Having said this, there are quite a lot of serious injuries as a result of these types of accidents.

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claim calculator buttonCauses of crane accidents

Cranes are used to mobilise heavy goods and materials and can most commonly be found on construction sites, although they are often used in the military, on oil rigs and in other environments.

What are the usual reasons for these types of accident:

  • Mechanical faults on the crane
  • Incorrect assembly of the crane by its engineers
  • Collision with another crane – when there is more than one crane onsite within touching distance, extra care needs to be taken to prevent collisions from happening
  • Workers getting their bodies or limbs trapped or squashed under the cranes cargo
  • Miscommunications between the workers on the ground and the crane operator
  • Weather – poor visibility because of rain and high winds can impair the operators ability to maneuver cargo safely
  • Rushing – with the demands on builders to get the job done on time or face penalties, the crane operators may be working faster than is safe to do so

Ways to prevent crane accidents

There are obviously strict guidelines set out by the HSE regarding the safe conduct of a crane. Generally, there should be a risk assessment briefed to all employees working in the vicinity of the crane. There also needs to be periodic risk assessments as construction progresses.

Regular inspection of the crane and its equipment should be assessed on going throughout the build.

There should be full use of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) such as hard hats and high visibility clothing worn by everyone on site.

Russell Worth’s take on crane accident claims

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