Loss of Sight Claims

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Loss of Sight Claims

Losing your sight is one of the most life-changing experiences a person can go through.

If your eyesight has been negatively affected through an accident that was caused by someone else and this took place in the last 3 years then you are most likely entitled to make a claim for compensation.

Different types of eye sight loss

  • Permanent / Temporary
  • Partial / Total (blindness)

If you have suffered any of the above eye sight problems due to someone else’s negligence then ask yourself: With your new found impairment, could you benefit from a sum of cash and specialist medical rehabilitation? If the answer is yes then why not get in touch today? The injury you have endured is probably bad enough to warrant some sort of compensation or at least some private medical treatment.

Different types of accidents causing loss of eyesight

An eye injury can happen as a result of many scenarios or situations but the below are some of the common eyesight claims that we can help you make:

  • Assault – a trauma to the head such as a strike from a fist or other object can lead to eyesight loss. Fights breaking out in bars or on the street, often when people are under the influence of alcohol, are just one example of how this sort of behavior can result in terrible consequences. Don’t let the perpetrator get away with it!
  • Bright lights – without the right safety equipment, people like welders can be exposed to light that is too intense for the eyes, resulting in temporary or permanent eye injury. This is not only the case for welders but in fact anyone that is exposed to such lights whether part of their work or otherwise.
  • Chemicals – lots of factory based jobs are liable to chemical exposure but if your employer has not offered the relevant training on how to use them or what to do if there is a spillage then there is definite liability here.
  • Electric shock – the danger of electric shocks are all around us in todays techno world. If you are unfortunate enough to experience a shock, then damage to your eyesight is a real and potential risk.
  • Grit and particles – working in manufacturing on machinery can expose you to certain particles that without the correct protective and safety equipment can get into the eye, causing loss of sight or even blindness.
  • Head trauma – As with assault, a strike to the head can cause direct injury to the eye or the eyesight loss can be as a result of brain damage from a head injury (https://www.russellworthsolicitors.co.uk/serious-injury-claim/head-injury-claims/).
  • Sharp Objects – everyday objects that we are surrounded by can cause serious damage to the eyes if used in the wrong way.

Sight loss in the work place

Employers are obliged to carry out risk assessments in the working environment and should look to negate any risk that is humanly possible. Using safety equipment as a preventative to injury is a last resort and the root of the risk should be targeted as a priority.

If an employer fails to act in this way then they are putting their staff at risk of an injury and opening the company up to being sued if people get injured.

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