What’s My Claim Worth? Personal Injury Accident Claims

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What’s My Claim Worth? Personal Injury Accident Claims

What’s My Claim Worth?

We have recovered £114,746,697 personal injury claim compensation for our UK clients – Russell Worth Solicitors. Can we help you too?

 How do we assess what your claim is worth?

The nature of accidents is such that no two accidents are the same and thus, no two injuries are the same. Aside from physical injuries, suffering can be experienced in the form of financial loss or mental stress.

One of the first questions a client will ask when coming to see us is “how much compensation will I receive?” As experienced personal injury lawyers, we would love to reassure everyone who comes to us by giving them an exact figure, however, compensation amounts can differ widely.

The reason compensation amounts for personal injury can vary.

There are a number of variables that will be taken into account when the level of compensation is assessed. Remember, very few claims ever reach court, a vast majority are settled early. This means amounts awarded will differ; the claimant will ask for as much compensation as possible, the defendant will come back with a much lower amount and through careful negotiation, a settlement will be reached.

When deciding how much compensation to claim from the negligent party, solicitors generally rely on the Judicial College Guidelines for the Assessment of Damages in Personal Injury (13th Edition) (Oxford University Press).

The distinction between general damages and special damages.

Compensation for actual injuries sustained and loss of earnings are called ‘general damages’. Special damages cover other losses, usually financial, suffered as a result of the injuries occurring.

The Judicial College Guidelines sets the maximum general damages amount at £337,700 for injuries which result in severe brain trauma or paralysis. The media will often report compensation awards of several million pounds; these are mostly made up of special damages.

What factors will the court take into consideration when awarding compensation for personal injury?

If you and the defendant fail to reach an early settlement, your case may go to court. The presiding judge may take the following into consideration evaluating how much compensation to award:

  • the nature of your injuries and how severe they are
  • how much rehabilitation you have had to endure
  • whether or not your injuries are long-term
  • loss of earnings
  • the mental and emotional impact of your injuries

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