Construction Accident Claims

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Construction Accident Claims

Construction Accident Claims

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Building and construction sites are fraught with dangers so it is no surprise that a large number of the work compensation claims that we deal with are of this nature.

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“Outstanding client service from start to finish. From the very first time I called Russell Worth I was impressed with their friendly professionalism. I had called a number of the TV advertised compensation lawyers and large firms with impressive websites and received nothing but poor service from what appeared to be over-worked and under-trained staff. I had hesitated to call RWS because they are located at the other end of the country to me, but I’m so glad I made that call. RWS are just the very best at listening, understanding my situation, putting me at ease and coming up quickly with a plan of action that resulted in more compensation than I had expected possible. Actually, the TV advertised legal firms had told me I couldn’t expect any compensation for my injuries. Thanks heavens for RWS!!”


claim calculator buttonCommon Construction Accidents

Typically there are a great number of construction workers concentrated into one area facing hazards such as working from height, falling materials, slip and trip hazards, power tools, exposed live wiring and not to mention the number of moving vehicles… And these are to name but a few of them!

If you have been injured in a construction or building site accident and you believe that your employer was at fault for your injury then you might benefit from making a personal injury claim against them. If you think that your employers or others did not provide a safe working environment then it may be worth speaking to us to see if you have a case for a claim.

Other types of Building Accident Claims

It’s not always the obvious accidents such as falling building materials or being electrocuted that we deal with. Our work accident claims specialists have helped people that have suffered the slightly less obvious injuries such as asbestosis and vibration white finger, which are sustained through regular and prolonged exposure to harmful environments or work procedures.

Russell Worth’s construction accident claim history.

Whatever your personal injury, Russell Worth can help you build a case against the party that you believe have failed in their due care and attention to you as an employee. We have been successfully winning construction site and building  accident claims for our clients since 1997 and we pride ourselves on our professional yet caring approach to your case.

Sometimes a case can be brought to us and we can win the case and have the compensation to you within a month or two – it can be that quick. Other times, depending on the complexity of the case and the evidence that needs to be collected to prove who was at fault, it can take longer. If the case is disputed and ends up going to court then this can make the process considerably longer.

How your Employer is legally obliged to protect you at work

There are a number of obligations that the site manager is responsible for to ensure the safety of any workers, contractors or visitors to the site:

  • Risk assessments should be undertaken periodically and for any specifically risky tasks that are to be completed – these should be carried out and clearly communicated to everyone on site on a periodic basis as work progresses.
  • Safe working procedures should be clearly outlined and accessible to workers for any works being completed.
  • Anyone who is required to lift / carry things should be taught how to do so to ensure they do not injure themselves. A risk assessment of any heavy lifting should also be completed.
  • People who are required to use any tools / machinery to complete tasks should be checked for certification or appropriate training and if required, training should be given.
  • Scaffolding and pulleys should be kept in good repair with regular maintenance.
  • The building site should generally be kept tidy and free from unnecessary obstructions, as should walkways, fire escapes and work units.
  • Protective wear such as goggles, boots, dust masks, ear plugs / guards, hard hats, high vis jacket, safety boots and gloves should be provided if it is deemed that these will safeguard your wellbeing.

If you believe that your employer / contracting agent has failed to comply with the above and you have been injured then you could have a case for a personal injury claim. You’re even in a strong position to claim if a colleague was responsible for your accident at work.

What should I do if I’ve been in a building site accident?

There should be an accident book on site which will allow you to report the accident / injury on the day it happened. This book will allow you to write down your injury under RIDDOR should you spend over 3 days off work through incapacitation.

For more information on what to do in the event of an accident, take a look at this video.

Your employer is legally obliged to have employee liability insurance so you are not claiming off them direct. It is normal and fair that you get compensation for your injuries, suffering or financial loss.

If you have any questions about an accident that you have had on the building or construction site, please get in touch with Russell Worth today on 0800 028 2060. We have a fantastic track record in this particular claim area and our friendly staff would be happy to help you get the compensation and necessary medical treatment you deserve.

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