Bike (Bicycle) Accident Claim

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Bike (Bicycle) Accident Claim

Bike Accident Claims

We are a respected Personal Injury Law Society Accredited solicitors firm and would be happy to help you if you have been involved in a bicycle accident.

If the worst happens and you are involved in a cycle accident, you can bet your bottom bracket that Russell Worth will have your back covered and will do their all to see your bike accident claim through to success.

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A Bikers Life – the imbalance – why people put in bike accident claims

Hats off to you if you’re a biker – there’s nothing more liberating than being on your bike – whether you’re on a leisurely bike ride to work or the shops (and of course full marks for being an eco warrior; more people should be like you). However, the hazards of cycling on the open road are quite evident – traffic is getting ever busier and people are rushing around in their cars like never before. Accidents are evidently on the rise as far as we can see as the number of claims we’ve seen is on the increase, too.

Whilst cars are becoming ever safer for their occupants, there is little a bike manufacturer can do to protect a human on their steel horse. Add to this the fact that motorists have insurance to back them and it paints a slightly uneven picture for cyclist v’s driver. We believe that cyclists should have access to relevant legal representation to help address the imbalance in the event you are in an accident and wish to put in a bike accident claim.

Why use Russell Worth as your bike accident Solicitor?

We’ll get you the maximum bicycle injury compensation available. You’ll be in good hands:

  • Get your bike repaired or replaced at a shop of your choice
  • Get damaged clothing and accessories repaired or replaced
  • Specialist impartial advice with all your costs covered
  • No Win No Fee*
  • We can fund your claim and recover ALL of the costs plus your damages
  • All injury and types of bike accident accepted
  • We will update you at every point of the

* Unless you are involved in a hit and run accident – your solicitor will advise you early on about this. 

Rehabilitation Our main priority is to get you the medical treatment you need. In addition to the medical treatment you may have received from the NHS, we will get you an expert medical examination and report done. And we may well be able to organise physiotherapy, psychotherapy and such assistance as part of your bike accident claim, to get you back in the saddle.

What should I do if I am involved in a cycling accident?

Types of bike accident

People often think of bike accidents being caused by motorists but this is not always the case:

  • Defective road surfaces

Whether through wear and tear, poor road repairs , or a lack of maintenance  – defective road surfaces are dangerous to cyclists.

  • Vehicles

These can lead to the most serious cycling injuries and consequently the highest bike accident compensation amounts. Head and spinal injuries are common in serious accidents with motorists. To find out more about spinal injury compensation please click here.

  • Uninsured drivers

If  you are involved in an accident caused by someone who is not insured , you may still be able to claim. In these cases, your claim proceeds through the Motor Insurers Bureau who deal with claims against uninsured drivers. It typically takes a little longer to process the bike accident claim but the end result is still the same. Charges may apply, speak to you bike accident solicitor.

  • Pedestrians

Pedestrians are all too often guilty of stepping out into the road without looking, which can lead to some nasty accidents. Bicycles are a lot less obvious than cars but they can still travel at quite a speed so it is important that pedestrians take heed of this when crossing the roads.

  • Hit and run

If have an accident involving a driver who doesn’t stop, you may still be able to claim through the Motor Insurers Bureau who deal with these claims– there may be some fees to deduct from your compensation in these circumstances, but we will let you know that well in advance.

10 Top tips for avoiding cycling accidents

We’d prefer that you didn’t have to put in a bike accident claim altogether so here’s a quick 101 in precautions you can take to avoid being in an accident:

1)   Get some lights – the amount of accidents that happen due to motorists not being able to see the cyclists is high

2)   Exercise caution at junctions

a) If  you don’t think a car approaching from the right or left has seen you then wave – your arms going left and right is more likely to be seen than a bike coming straight towards them

b) Move closer to the middle of the road as cars approaching from side roads are more likely to see you there than if you are tucked against the curb

c) Slow down– if you are approaching at a lower speed, you have a better chance of being able to avert a collision by stopping if needs be – annoying, but better than getting hit by a car, we reckon

3)   Don’t ride on the pavement – pedestrians use them and when at crossings it is confusing for drivers as you should be on the road

4)   Ride to the right when passing parked cars – this will keep you at a safe distance from people opening their doors on you

5)   Stick to your side of the road – cyclists have a habit of skipping traffic by cycling on the wrong side of the road when they think it is clear. Not a good tactic as there’s nowhere for you to go if a car starts off towards you.

6)   Do not stop next to cars at red light – instead, queue up behind them – this will stop the car turning on you when the lights go green

7)   Wear something bright– high visibility saves lives

8)   Do not swerve in and out of traffic – do this at your peril. You risk being rear ended or hitting the car in front if there is any change in speed

9)   Avoid listening to music – If you cannot hear the other traffic, you lose a huge sense of the traffic around you, which causes accidents.

10)   Indicate – hopefully if you are riding a bike, you have done your cycling proficiency so use it, it saves lives Russell Worth Solicitors – bike accident claims specialists.

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