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Actions to be taken after an accident

The actions you take (or don’t take) after an incident could mean the difference between success and failure of a claim. Below we have outlined things that you should consider to enable your personal injury claim the best chance of success.

Please note that with all personal injury claims, a third party needs to be at fault for the accident whether that be an individual, an organisation or a publically owned company:

1)   Emergency services – this is obviously paramount above all else. Get the police, ambulance or fire service by telephoning 999 to get any emergency situations dealt with in the appropriate manner. It helps if you can get a copy of the emergency services written report.

2)   Keep calm – it might be difficult but try and stay as calm as possible. This will give you the best chance of getting the information and evidence needed for a strong case.

3)   Opposition details – you don’t have to state your intent to claim against them at the time of the incident, but it is quite necessary to get some form of identification from them. If you have been involved in an incident with another vehicle(s), then get the registration of the vehicle(s) involved plus contact details including names, addresses, phone numbers and emails.

4)   Witnesses – get as many details from witnesses as possible. Witness contact information is essential evidence for building a case. Without them it can often be your word against the opposition.

5)   Photos – take photos that evidence the incident. If you have been involved in a road traffic accident then take photos of the area(s) the accident took place and anything that may have caused it. If it’s a machine from work, a slip hazard or a faulty product, take photos. Again, these will support your case hugely.

6)   Written account of the incident – write it as soon after the event as possible while it is fresh in your head. Provide as much detail as you can and try to be as specific as you can with times.

7)  Records – Ensure that you keep any records that will support your case: loss of earnings pay slips, medical expenses such as prescriptions or private medical bills, emergency services reports from the scene of the accident and receipts for transport too and from anywhere you have had to go as a result of the accident. All are should be claimed back from the opposition so it pays to keep them

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Don’t worry if you have missed out any of the above , it is easily done when you are caught up in an accident situation.  We will work with any information you can provide us.

See the claims process for the steps that are likely to take place if it is decided that your case should be pursued.

 Support sites

Road Peace – A very worthy charity that offers support to those who have been bereaved by those involved in a fatal road accident

Victim Support – If you have been the victim or witness of a crime then you can contact Victim Support. They provide excellent support for those who have been involved in crime in the UK.

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