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Your Accident Compensation Calculator Step One

Series of short multiple choice questions about your injury

Russell Worth Work Accident Compensation Calculator Step Two

More in-depth injury questions regarding injuries sustained and return to work status and loss of income

Russell Worth Work Accident Compensation Calculator Step Three

Accident date and contact information

  • Multiple Choice Questions About Your Injury
  • Further Injury Details
  • Final Injury Questions

Multiple Choice Questions

Where did you sustain your injury?

What was the cause of your injury?

Please confirm your most serious injury

Is there a secondary source of injury (please select None if you only sustained one major injury)?

More Detailed Questions

Please provide a few details of your injuries (the more information provided, the more accurate we can be):

Have you returned to work?

If no, please confirm estimated return to work date below, along with details of any salary/wages that you are not receiving:

Final Questions

Date of accident:

Your Full Name:

Your Email:

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Your Workplace Injury Compensation Assessment

This workplace injury compensation calculator is designed to guide you through the details of your injury to allow us to arrive at an accurate compensation assessment for your workplace injury.

By answering just a few short questions about your workplace accident and injury we will have enough information to be able to give an idea of the amount of compensation that may be payable for your injury.

Each accident and the injuries sustained are unique, so the more information that you are able to provide to us about your workplace injury the closer the bracket of compensation we will be able to give you should you decide to proceed to make a workplace accident compensation claim.

Russell Worth are specialist injury compensation solicitors which means that we settle hundreds of workplace accident compensation claims every month. We use our expertise to provide the most accurate assessment of your compensation payment for you.

All information completed by you on the Workplace Injury Compensation Calculator is strictly confidential and will only be used for the purpose of assessing the value of your compensation claim.

To start your workplace injury compensation calculator, simply complete the steps above and then click “Next Step” and we will soon be able to provide your assessment.

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