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Car Accident Claims

Have you had the misfortune of being injured in a car accident or a car crash in the last 3 years? You have come to the right place – car compensation claims are our speciality!

Near misses are something many of us drivers can say we’ve had but for those not so fortunate, being involved in a car crash can have a devastating effect on our lives. At Russell Worth, we aim to take the strain out of the road traffic accident claims process.

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Should I make a claim?

It’s extremely easy to answer this question. Car crash injury claims should be pursued if you have suffered in any financial, physical or psychological way as a result of a car accident that was not your fault. Whether you were a pedestrian, cyclist, motorcyclist or in another car, you could be entitled to accident compensation.

As a passenger in a car involved in a car crash, you would claim off the insurance policy of either the driver of the car you are in or a third party, depending who caused the accident.

Making a claim is easy

We concentrate on two things for you – getting you fixed and back on the road to recovery is our priority in the first instance. Then we engage with the third party and their insurers or solicitors to negotiate your compensation.

We want to get you on the road to recovery as soon as possible so wherever is appropriate we will have you medically examined and get you into physical rehabilitation. We have access to whiplash specialist physiotherapists who will start your rehabilitation as quickly as possible.

No Win No Fee
We act on your behalf on a No Win No Fee basis for your accident so that should you lose, you pay nothing.  If you are claiming against an uninsured or untraced driver there will be some fees that are applicable but you will be notified in advance. In this situation, your claim is against the Motor Insurers Bureau (MIB) who deal with such claims.

I know the person who crashed into me, I’m not sure what to do…

Surprisingly, this is a fairly normal occurrence and is not something to be worried about. That person is legally obliged to pay for car insurance if they are driving their car on the public highway. If they are not then car crash claims against this person will be made against the MIB.

An accident situation is exactly what he or she pays their insurance for so the fact that you know the person should not be an issue. Accidents happen between friends too but if you / your passengers have suffered an injury and need treatment so as to go about your daily lives. If the injury prevents you from working then you are missing out on valuable income, which is not fair. Car accident claims are fairly common between friends and acquaintances and even family but if you have any concerns over this, speak to us about it.

Car crash compensation claims against a third party who did not stop or was intoxicated

In either of these situations you must contact the police as soon as is safe and convenient to do so. Again, try and get as many details as possible. If the car does not stop then try to get the car registration so the police can try and track it down – although car accident claims can still be made even if the driver does not stop. This would mean a claim against the MIB as mentioned above.

Car crash injury claims – what’s top of the list?

The most common car crash injury type is whiplash and as stated above whiplash claims make up 70% of the total claims pursued as a result of car accidents in the UK. Whiplash is caused by the rapid deceleration associated with a rear end or other collision causing strain and subsequent pain in the spine, neck and shoulders.

Russell Worth solicitors deal with dozens of car crash injury claims on a daily basis.

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Happy with result. Very prompt and professional, easy to deal with, would recommend to anyone, thx guys.

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