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Specialist Head Injury Claim Solicitors

As one of the UK’s leading brain injury solicitor’s, we support Headway.org who specialise in the rehabilitation of people who have suffered brain damage.

Head Injury Claim Solicitors
The brain is undoubtedly the most important part of our body. While it’s critical complexity is necessary for us to function as humans, the shell containing it (the skull) is extremely fragile. What may seem at first a minor ‘bump on the head’ can lead to long-term disability or even death. It is therefore vital to seek medical treatment for a head injury, no matter how minor it may seem initially.

A head injury therefore can have a serious impact on one’s life. It’s not surprising therefore that many people who suffer an accident like this look to people such as Russell Worth Solicitors to make a head injury claim.

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Introduction to head injury claims

Even the subtlest of head injuries can affect you causing symptoms such as clumsiness, fatigue, confusion, nausea, blurry vision and headaches.

More importantly brain trauma can affect various components including our sensory functions such as sight, hearing and speech. This injury is usually a result of a blow to the head, which could also make the person’s physical, cognitive, and emotional behaviours irregular.

As brain injury solicitors, we see the lasting effect a serious head injury can have on the ability of the victim to live a normal life. A traumatic brain injury can greatly impact your ability to complete your education or function within the workplace; placing great stress on yourself and your family members.

Our Head Injury Solicitors are here to help in these sudden life changing circumstances, they have worked with various clients who have had to accept temporary and in more serious cases long-term disability due to head injuries.

The complexity of the brain

The human brain is undoubtedly the most complex machine that has ever existed and scientists still have very little idea how it works.

Although we have successfully defined the functionality of certain areas of the brain and have an understanding of some of the mechanics at a neural chemical level, we still remain ignorant of how the brain coordinates all of its activities and develops language, consciousness, thought and a sense of self.

This is why a traumatic brain injury can be so devastating, up to 90% of moderate to severe head injury victims experience some kind of ongoing neurological issues for 12 months or more.

Although monetary compensation can never replace some of the functionality lost, by engaging a brain injury solicitor, victims can obtain the funds necessary for ongoing rehabilitation and the adjustments needed to return to a normal life.

Get injury legal expertise

Wherever you or a loved one suffered a head or brain injury at work – if it was not your fault, then you could be entitled to make a head injury compensation claim.  With a head or brain trauma and the complexities of this area, you need a  head injury solicitor that knows what they are doing – a solicitor that will get you the maximum compensation that is fair for your head or brain injury.

Remember you are not alone; there are many people in the same situation as yourself who have made a claim to ensure they can lead a better life under their new circumstances. If you sustain a head injury it is important that you receive the best care possible. Making a head injury compensation claim can help alleviate the stress on yourself and your loved ones.

Traumatic brain injury – UK Statistics

Of course all symptoms will vary from person to person but our head injury solicitors are here to give you the best possible advice on what you are entitled to claim ranging from loss of earning’s to private treatment, past, present and future. Remember if you have suffered a head injury that was not your fault you are likely to be entitled to compensation. Let our head injury solicitors help you in this period of uncertainty and upset. We want you to receive the best possible treatment without any delays.

To get a perspective on any personal injury situation and whether you should claim or not, take a look at our why claim section which raises a few points for consideration.

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