Illness outbreaks abroad including hotels

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Illness outbreaks abroad including hotels

Making a claim for salmonella poisoning contracted on holiday.

Everyone needs a holiday once in a while. Life is stressful and a time to recharge our batteries really does us the world of good.

We don’t believe it’s fair that a holiday that has been saved for over a period of months, if not years, should be ruined by something easily avoidable like food poisoning. And more to the point, if your holiday is ruined, you should get the compensation you are eligible for.

Often times, this food poisoning not only ruins your holiday but can lead to much more serious problems.

Get in touch now for a free consultation regarding the illness outbreak you have experienced abroad. Our claims handlers are here to help you every step of the way and will do everything they can to make it as clean and simple a process for you as possible. Call them now on 0800 028 2060 or complete our Online Claim Assessment.

Causes of salmonella

There are a number of countries that are more prone to salmonella than others, namely; Egypt, Maldives, Cuba, Turkey, Mexico, Dominican Republic and Tunisia. The food and drink hygiene standards in these countries simply aren’t up to the standards we have in the UK but how do people actually contract it:

  • Eating food or water that is contaminated with the salmonella bacteria.
  • Drinking un-pasteurised milk.
  • Eating undercooked poultry, minced beef or eggs.
  • Cross contamination in the kitchen from bad food preparation.
  • Cross contamination from one person to another via hand to mouth.

What measures should be taken to stop these illness outbreaks abroad?

We are perfectly within our rights to expect the highest in food hygiene when we eat in a hotel. They are in the leisure and tourism industry and it is an integral part of their service to correctly store, prepare and cook foods in a correct and hygienic manner.

  • Ensure all poultry, eggs and ground beef are cooked thoroughly.
  • Chefs and food preparation staff should wash hands, utensils and work surfaces immediately with hot soapy water immediately after they have come into contact with any raw meat.
  • Take extra care where if you are serving food to any infants, elderly or immunocompromised customers.
  • Avoid any contact either direct or indirect with any reptiles such as snakes, iguanas, turtles and lizards.

How we can help

Making a claim for compensation is a complicated process, but when you are dealing with foreign organisations, it becomes a completely different ball game.

Leaving it to the professionals will ensure that you get the best compensation available to you for your particular injury and circumstances.

We typically handle claims on a No Win No Fee basis, meaning that there is no risk to you. We only get a fee paid to us if we win your case but fear not, all of this will be explained to you before any paperwork is signed.

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