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Ski and Snowboard Accident Claims

We all know that skiing and snowboarding fit into the category of ‘extreme sports’, which by their very nature, have an element of danger associated with them.

When is there a case to claim compensation for a skiing or snowboard accident?

The slopes are awash with people every ski season and the more busy the slopes, the higher the probability of an accident or injury.

The typical ways in which people injure themselves are:

Regardless of the way in which you injured yourself, the fundamental question you need to ask yourself is, “am I injured because of someone lack of due diligence towards me”?

Did the ski hire company give you a set of broken or faulty ski’s? Or did he take you down a slope that was outside of the ability of the group?

If you want to claim, be quick. There are strict time limits for claiming. Call us now to discuss your claim with a friendly claims handler on 0800 028 2060, or alternatively feel free to get your claim started online.

What can you claim for?

No doubt you spent a lot of money going on the ski / snowboard holiday, so to have it spoilt by an injury is not fair. If the accident happened at the start of your holiday then the whole trip will have been wasted.

Sustaining the sort of injury inherent with ski or snowboard accidents can have a huge impact not just now but months / years from now. This suffering is not due to any fault of your own so this should be taken into account when making a claim.

Trips to the hospital, treatments, prescription expenses etc should all be kept to form part of your claim.

Is it ethical to claim?

Any organisation that has played a part in the accident should have insurance to cover this sort of incident. It’s precisely what insurance is purchased for.

The question can be turned around to “Is it fair that you are injured because of someone else’s negligence towards you?” It generally isn’t.

In addition, if it was an individual who caused your injury then they should check their policy to see whether it covers accidental injury to others.

Why Russell Worth Solicitors?

We are extremely professional, experienced and hard working solicitors firm, having setup and been successful since 1997.

We take a huge amount of pride not just in the result but the process of getting there along the way. Pride in the way we communicate with you.  Check out some of the comments, our previous customers have left us on our Testimonials page.

We typically run our claims on a No Win No Fee basis, meaning that we do not get paid unless we win the ski / snowboarding claim for you. Don’t worry though, everything will be explained to you before any paperwork is signed on your part.

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