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Dog Bite Claim

Russell Worth have many years specialist claims experience in this area.

Dog bite claims are something that have risen in numbers throughout the UK over the last 5 years. Owners are being held more accountable for their dogs’ actions at last, and it’s right they should – the effects of a dog attack can be devastating.

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Fast Facts

Figures taken from the Telegraph Online and the NHS website

Should I claim if a dog has attacked me?

The answer to this is quite simple – if you have sustained any sort of injury, suffering or loss of earnings as a result of the dog bite, then you should speak to Russell Worth. If the dog bite happened within the last 3 years then you could be entitled to some compensation as the owner of the dog has a duty to the public to keep it under control.

See our ‘why claim’ section for more reasons to claim.

Dog bites and the Law

The most notorious of dog laws is the Dangerous Dogs Act ‘91 that was introduced by John Major but in reality there have been many revisions and additions to this act. The Dangerous Dogs Act is designed to control the number of dogs perceived as dangerous in the public domain and carries one of two penalties:

1)   Extermination of the dog.
2)   Confiscation of the dog and a ban on the owner from having a dog for a number of years.

Unfortunately the media have made examples of so called ‘dangerous dogs’ but more often than not it is the owners of certain breeds of dogs that have failed their dogs by not training them in the correct manner.

Why choose Russell Worth as your dog bite solicitors?

We’re extremely experienced in dog attack claims, having successfully won cases for hundreds of dog attack victims. We strive to get you the medical treatment you need whether that be physiotherapy or in extreme cases plastic surgery.

What you should do if a dog has attacked you

Please take a look at our section for details of what you should do after an accident. This will list most consideration but in addition in the case of a dog bite claim, you should definitely inform the local dog warden. Speak to the National Dog Warden Association for more details.

The dangers of dog bites

Typically a dog bite wound can be treated with basic first aid, which includes:

In some cases however, the bite may be so severe that it requires hospital treatment so if this is the case, get there as soon as possible.

If a dog bite wound turns infected then it will show symptoms of redness and swelling, usually with more pain around the bite area. There may be a discharge around the bite wound. In any of these cases, you should definitely get to the doctors for a series of antibiotics.

In complicated scenarios dog bites can lead to blood poisoning, meningitis and endocarditis (swelling of the inner lining of the heart)

If you are in any doubt whatsoever about the severity of your dog bite, you must get it checked by a medical professional.

How to avoid dog attacks

Sometimes it is impossible to avoid a dog attack because you are out in the public domain and the dog is not on a leash -but there are a few scenarios where you can avoid the risk of coming in harms way.

A dog is the same as a human – they like their personal space to be their personal space. If you are not familiar with a dog then be steer well clear of putting your face anywhere near theirs and if it seems nervous, stay well clear altogether.

Never leave a baby unattended with a dog. It doesn’t matter what the dog’s previous temperament has been– many of the worst bites have happened when babies have been left alone with dogs.

We will do our very best to get you the dog bite compensation you deserve.

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