Product Liability Claim

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Product Liability Claim

Product Liability

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When we purchase products we are within our rights to assume that the product has been through rigorous tests and is safe for public use or consumption. If a product fails, depending on the product, this can sometimes lead to injury…

If you have suffered injury through the use of a faulty product then you are in the right hands. Simply call us now on 0800 028 2060 or complete our Online Claim Assessment and we will gladly discuss things with you and let you know what the potential next steps are should you wish to take it further.

Faulty types of product

This can be literally anything that you have purchased that, when used or consumed in the manner that it is supposed to be, has harmed you in the process.

Examples of faulty products include

  • Household furniture such as an office chair that collapses under your weight. Some quite serious back accidents have happened this way.
  • Electricals -washing machines, dishwashers and any other electrical appliances with faulty electrics have the capacity to cause electric shocks or fire leading to burns and other such personal injuries.
  • Food – whether from a supermarket, restaurant, deli or other such vendor – they should all know how to keep their food fit for consumption. If they do not then others may fall ill from the same problem.

Making a claim

Firstly, there needs to be clear evidence that the personal injury or illness sustained was because of the specific product in question.

Secondly, you need to notify the product manufacturer and / or distributor as this will help prevent the same from happening to others. Alternatively, we can do this for you. This is also very important to the success of your claim.

For more information on the reasons why you should claim please click here.

Check this page for further information on what you should do after an incident involving a product.

Russell Worth operate most cases on a No Win No Fee basis meaning that we charge you nothing if your case is lost.

Product Liability Law

A dangerous or defective product is one that does not meet standards that we can reasonably expect. It doesn’t include products that are worn out or old, nor does it include products that were originally distributed with the knowledge of a safer version coming out subsequently.

In weighing up a product liability case we would look to discover:

  • Advertising tactics used to market the product
  • Instructions that came with the product
  • The purpose or use for which it was intended
  • When the product was purchased

Consumer protection Act 1987

Fairness to consumers of faulty products is detailed nice and simply on the Outlaw website

Government health & safety guidelines

There is a government web page that looks to spell out the precautions a manufacturer or distributor of products should abide by.

Food Hygiene Standards

A food hygiene course will give a fresh food wholesaler or vendor such as a restaurant, all the knowledge they needed to keep their food fit for consumption.

When it comes to products being faulty, you can count on Russell Worth as the product liability claims solicitors that will not let you down.

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