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A dog attack on the streets of Liverpool sees young boy lose his little toe

Jun 13, 2013 | Dog Bites

Russell Worth Personal Injury Blog:

A dog attack on the streets of Liverpool sees young boy lose his little toe

3-year-old Theo Reynolds was outside his Toxteth house with his father Basil when a Staffordshire bull terrier attacked him.

Efforts to release the jaw of the dog were to no avail and Theo completely lost his toe including the bone.

The dog was being walked past the house by a neighbour when Basil (Theos Dad) went to chat with the dogs owner. Theo went with his Dad and the dog was playful at first knocking Theo over but in a friendly way, then it turned and went crazy locking its jaw onto Leos foot.

The owner of the dog and Basil eventually got the dog off but the bull terrier unfortunately took Theos toe with him.

Mum Louise ran outside to see the bone sticking out of the end of the foot and Theo screaming. She called called 999 immediately and he was rushed to hospital for immediate treatment.

The operation to graft the toe back on was unsuccessful. As the doctors of Alder Hey were doing a check up they took the bandage off and the little toe was in there separated from the foot.

Police confiscated the dog while checks were made to determine whether the dog was indeed an illegal breed but the results came back negative and the dog was handed back to its owner.

Investigations are ongoing a spokeswoman from the police has said.

Theos mum Louise and Basil have pledged to raise awareness urging dog owners to keep their pets under control on a leash and to be aware that they can turn at any time.

The ordeal has affected Theos family making them paranoid if a dog comes towards them in the park. Mum Louise summed the whole ordeal up by saying “Theo is lucky that he just lost his toe really.  It could have been so much worse and we’re trying to be positive about it.”

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