Russell Worth Personal Injury Blog:

Insurance companies slam whiplash claims but at what cost to actual sufferers?

Jul 23, 2013 | General Personal Injury News

Russell Worth Personal Injury Blog:

Insurance companies slam whiplash claims but at what cost to actual sufferers?

For many years now the term whiplash has had negative connotations that have been brought about by the insurance companies who believe that a large percentage of these claims are false.

Whilst a minority may make bogus whiplash claims, the implications of the insurance companies making a big song and dance about it is that it stigmatises those who have genuinely suffered this injury.

They also use it as a huge smoke screen to increase premiums year on year to earn ever-increasing profits.

Whiplash is a serious injury caused by the hyperextension of the neck causing neck pain, stiffness of the neck and lower back, tenderness of the muscles and also headaches.

Often people injure themselves in this way through slips or trips as they fall, contact sports such as rugby, but predominantly in car accidents; especially where a car shunts the person’s car from behind. Symptoms can last anywhere between a week or two for mild cases of whiplash to permanent pain for chronic or severe whiplash sufferers.

Over 70% of all road traffic claims are thought to be whiplash, according to a Department for Work and Pensions study. In 2011/12 there were over 500,000 claims made of this type.

But with bogus stories flying around, what are the implications for the victims who actually suffer from whiplash?

Aside from the pain and suffering endured there is time off work, loss of earnings and the cost of physiotherapy. On top of this there are travel expenses to and from any appointments, the cost of medication, child care, domestic help, personal care and the list goes on.

So it is not fair for the insurance companies to stigmatise whiplash in such a way. If they do not claim for the accident that was not their fault then they would have to cover these costs by themselves. The payments are fair and justified for this type of injury.

Here is a case study of a happy client of ours:

Mr C & Miss G (£2,500 each for whiplash type injury from a car accident)“Mr C and his partner Miss G were stationary at traffic lights when another vehicle collided with the rear of their vehicle. (Read more…)

If you have suffered from whiplash and would like to speak to someone about whether you are entitled to make a claim then please get in touch today on 0800 028 2060. We look forward to helping you!

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