Russell Worth Personal Injury Blog:

Being Aware Of PPE Fails – Know Your Rights

Dec 12, 2014 | Blog

Russell Worth Personal Injury Blog:

Being Aware Of PPE Fails – Know Your Rights

What is PPE?

Everyone has the right to feel that their heath and safety is a top priority in the workplace, and in many vocations Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) can be an integral part of this.

The Personal Protective Equipment at Work Regulations 1992 decree states that an employer must provide the correct equipment for you to do your job as safely as possible.

PPE includes all the equipment a worker might wear or use for personal protection when all other steps have been taken to ensure the workplace is as safe as possible. This can include safety boots, hard hats, eye protection, high-visibility clothing and respiratory protective equipment. PPE also includes gear that protects workers from adverse weather conditions.

What can a PPE fail lead to?

If PPE fails it can have terrible, life-changing consequences for you and your family. Fails can lead to a wide range of personal injuries or illnesses, including:

  • Severe bodily harm such as lacerations or amputations.
  • Head or brain injuries.
  • Industrial diseases such as asbestosis, asthma, chemical poisoning and dermatitis.
  • Vibration White Finger which can cause damage to the nerves and muscles in hands, fingers and forearms.

What are your employer’s responsibilities?

  • Employers are required to offer PPE as a last layer of protection when all other health and safety considerations have been tended to.
  • Employers are required to conduct risk assessments of tasks undertaken by staff and put in place appropriate PPE to minimise the chance of illness or injury.
  • All necessary PPE must be provided free of charge to employees.
  • PPE must be properly assessed to ensure it is suitable and compatible.
  • PPE must be stored, serviced and maintained appropriately.
  • Employees should be provided with training on how to use PPE and monitored to ensure it is being used correctly.

What to expect if you think you might be entitled to a claim?

If you have suffered an injury or illness and believe it was due to a lack of effective PPE procedures, you may be eligible for a personal injury claim. If your employer was aware or should have been aware of risks in your line of work and failed to take appropriate steps to protect you, then you may well be entitled to compensation.

This compensation can take the form of general and/or special damages:

  • General Damages is compensation for your physical injuries and is based around the extent of these injuries and the impact and effect they may have on your life.
  • Special Damages is compensation for the loss of income resulting from an injury including treatment and recovery. It is also compensation for costs of treatment, professional care costs, equipment for treatment and mobility, care from family and friends, possible future prejudice in the job market as a result of your injury as well as any other financial losses, e.g. loss of pension.

Contact Russell Worth for advice and to find out if you could be eligible to make a claim.

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