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Can you claim compensation ski or snowboarding accident ?

Dec 5, 2016 | Blog

Russell Worth Personal Injury Blog:

Can you claim compensation ski or snowboarding accident ?

As we all know, skiing and snowboarding are extreme sports and bring with them a degree of risk. It should go without saying that you are far more likely to get injured on the ski slopes than you are playing a game of snooker. Therefore, a certain amount of responsibility needs to be accepted when taking part in high risk sports and not all injuries and accidents can be prevented or qualify for a compensation claim. For example, simply losing your balance on the slopes, falling over and breaking your wrist is quite simply an accident and no one is to blame.


Whose fault is it?

A key question to ask yourself is whether or not your accident and injury are as the direct result of someone’s lack of due diligence towards you and this is the case for any type of personal injury claim you make. The following are examples of lack of due diligence from a third party:-

• Ski hire. Faulty skis, snowboard, boots etc.
• Ski instructor. Mistakes when giving instructions/carrying out risk assessments/advising on practice slope level etc.
• Collision with another party skiing irresponsibly/dangerously.
• Ski lift operator for providing faulty equipment/stopping or starting the lift when it is unsafe to do so.
• Resort or hotel for not keeping pathways around hotel clear/free from slip hazards when on foot.

How do I make a claim?

Given there is very little opportunity for skiing in the UK, most ski accidents happen abroad and with that comes some level of difficulty/complexity when it comes to making a claim. International law can be complicated and it is not always easy to identify who a claim should be directed towards. Also, different foreign countries have different laws so it is by no means straight forward. For this reason we recommend using an experienced solicitor to assist you in your claim.

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