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How much will I get for a whiplash claim?

Mar 14, 2016 | Blog

Russell Worth Personal Injury Blog:

How much will I get for a whiplash claim?

Whiplash injuries can be sustained in various ways but the most common cause of a whiplash type injury is following a road traffic accident. Whiplash is an injury to the ligaments and tendons in the neck when it is moved forwards, backwards or sideways. After an accident symptoms of whiplash may not be felt until around 6-12 hours later and may become worse over the following days. Symptoms may even be delayed for as long as 24 hours or more after the initial trauma.

Whiplash symptoms include neck pain, stiffness, tenderness, reduced neck movement and headache. In most cases, injuries to soft tissues such as the disks, muscles and ligaments cannot be seen on standard X-Rays. The diagnosis is usually made from a detailed description of the circumstances and the symptoms.

Recovery time depends on how severe the injury is and this also affects the level of compensation you would be likely to receive following an accident. Given time most whiplash should heal on its own but do remember that everyone heals at a different rate. There is some evidence to suggest the average recovery time for whiplash is 32 days however in around 12% of cases of chronic whiplash patients do not recover within 6 months.

So, how much compensation can you expect to receive for a whiplash injury? Here are some rough guidelines:-

Minor whiplash

This would be for an injury that lasts between a few weeks and one year – £1005-£2,850
Recovery within 2 years – £2,850 – £5,150

Moderate whiplash

Where the injury pain is more than minor with an increased risk to further damage in the future – £5,150 – £9,000

Severe whiplash

Where pain is will be permanent with increased risks to complications in the future. Typically, for these types of cases significant limited movement, stiffness and discomfort are common – £9,000 – £16,000

The above figures should only be used as a guideline as of course each matter differs from case to case.

If you are currently suffering with whiplash we recommend you seek medical advice but for all matters legal we would encourage you to contact Russell Worth Solicitors.

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